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How to Establish a Virtual Office Portal

Put your project managers and teams a click away from the information and tools they need to succeed, through a virtual office portal they can access through the Web or their email.

TrackerSuite.Net is a Web based, modular application suite that users can access in a browser, or surface within their Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes email client. TrackerSuite.Net puts them a click away from all the tools and data they need to work effectively: tasks, documents, timesheets, status reports, support tickets and more.


Establish a Virtual Office Portal For Projects

  • Put project managers and teams a click away from project home pages inside a virtual office portal with key data (including budgets, tasks, documents, team members and more) as well as progress reports.
  • Project managers can easily monitor staff schedules and assignments within a virtual office portal using resource allocation charts and task calendars, as well as review project progress with milestone dashboards.
  • Team members can check in/check out documents and files from within the virtual office portal. Microsoft Outlook users can drag-and-drop emails directly into project folders.
  • Your entire workforce can create and submit time sheets, expense reports, purchase orders, vacation requests through the virtual office portal. These forms can be configured to be delivered via email for approval, reducing approval cycles to a matter of minutes, as well as securing the process with form activity logs and electronic signatures.
  • Reduce the workload of Accounts Receivable by eliminating the need to organize, file and store physical documents. Using an invoice management module in a virtual office portal, organizations can generate electronic invoices (which can be printed or saved as PDFs) against project tasks, expense reports, purchase requests and activities.
  • TrackerSuite.Net consolidates customer data in the virtual office portal. From a single location, users can access company profiles, contact information and correspondence, manage contracts and access that customer's projects and support tickets.
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Project Home Pages

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