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Web Based Work Order Software

Web based work order software from TrackerSuite.Net helps organizations manage their labor and resources more effectively, increasing their responsiveness and efficiency.

TrackerSuite.Net provides integrated Web based applications that can meet the challenges in work order management, including:

  • Establishing a workable system for submitting and reviewing work orders.
  • Assigning the best resources to the work order to ensure rapid completion.
  • Monitoring the progress and status of work orders and escalating them as necessary.

Simplifying Work Order Creation

Support Tracker.Net provides easy to complete Web work order forms for users to submit their requests. These forms are easily populated using fields with picklists. These work order forms are also highly configurable. Without touching a line of code, TrackerSuite.Net administrators can add or remove fields, assign new labels using preferred terminology, and set validation rules for work order submission.

Once submitted, the work order is automatically routed based on its priority and category, ensuring that important work orders reach the appropriate personnel immediately.

Managing Resources for Work Orders

Personnel Tracker.Net and Project Tracker.Net simplify the process of tracking down available resources and reviewing workloads. Using a Resource Availability views, managers can quickly zero in on free resources. Personnel Tracker.Net also provides views for tracking down resources by skill set, making it easy to find the right resources to assign to a work order.

Tracking Progress and Managing Work Orders

Utilizing color coded dashboard views, managers can easily review the status of Work Orders in the system and identify those that need attention. Work orders may be escalated for swifter resolution if necessary.

As well as dashboard views, TrackerSuite.Net also provides a Tracker desktop widget that makes it easy for managers and administrators to review work order flow with a graph that illustrates newly submitted, open and closed within a time frame.

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