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A Web Based Customer Portal

A Web based customer portal is made available through the integration of TrackerSuite.Net modules for Project Management, Help Desk Services and CRM.

TrackerSuite.Net provides organizations the opportunity to empower their customers by providing a Web based customer portal that customers may log in to from any location, at any time via their browser.

Within this portal, the customer can:

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This portal is made available through the integration of three TrackerSuite.Net modules: Customer Tracker.Net, Project Tracker.Net and Support Tracker.Net.

The Benefits of a Customer Portal

By establishing a Web based customer portal, organizations gain a number of benefits, including:

  • Less "communication overhead". The designated customer contact can log in to check the status of projects, tasks and support tickets, rather than call or email requests for information or assistance. This not only frees up project managers and support services to focus on work rather than answering questions, but also increases the level of customer satisfaction by providing information immediately, without having to wait.
  • Customers may be automatically emailed notifications of ticket assignments, status changes including escalation, and closure.
  • By facilitating collaboration between customers and project teams, the quality of deliverables may be improved through sharing information, simplifying feedback on projects.

For More Information

For more information on how TrackerSuite.Net can provide a Web based customer help desk solution, please contact Automation Centre today at (520) 882-9287, or email A free demo of TrackerSuite.Net is available, register today for immediate access.


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