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Web Based Project Collaboration

A Web based project collaboration solution, TrackerSuite.Net combines the speed and flexibility of Web applications with the collaborative power of email.

TrackerSuite.Net is a suite of integrated Web based business applications for online project management, Web timesheets, Web based reporting, Web based purchase orders and more. These applications leverage email platforms, including Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and Web based email providers such as Gmail, to simplify and automate workflow, providing organizations with a Web based project collaboration system of substantial value.

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The integration of these applications with each other as well as with email provides organizations with an array of collaboration features, simplifying access to project information and files, streamlining workflow and automating communication.

Simplifying Information Access

Using TrackerSuite.Net, teams can easily access and share project information and files.

Streamlining Workflow

As well as simplifying access to project information and files, TrackerSuite.Net also allows users to utilize tools directly within their email client involved with projects.

  • Users can fill out timesheets in their email client. These timesheets are linked to project and task data, allowing users to quickly fill out their timesheet using picklists.
  • Project timesheets, expense reports, purchase and check requests are automatically routed through the approval process, reducing approval cycles to a matter of minutes, as well as securing the process with form activity logs and electronic signatures.
  • Project Tracker.Net simplifies meetings by allowing users to convert status reports into full PowerPoint presentations.

Automating Communication

TrackerSuite.Net leverages email to automate typical project communications, allowing managers to focus on leading projects instead of general administration activities and processes.

For More Information

For more information on how TrackerSuite.Net can serve as a Web based collaboration solution, please contact Automation Centre today at (520) 882-9287, or email A free demo of TrackerSuite.Net is available, register today for immediate access.

Project Home Pages, Served in Microsoft Outlook

Check out project documents and files within email.

Check In/ Check Out Project Documents and Files from Email

Check out project documents and files within email.

Review Project Milestone Dashboards

Budget information in status reports

Submit Project Timesheets, Expense Reports and Purchase Requests from Email