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Web Based Project Life Cycle Software

TrackerSuite.Net provides integrated Web based software applications that simplify and automate the project life cycle.

TrackerSuite.Net, a suite of integrated Web based business software, allows organizations to manage their projects through their entire project life cycle, from initiation to closure, more effectively.   TrackerSuite.Net eliminates the typical issues project face in every phase of their life cycle through process automation, improving communication and visibility. The applications that make this possible include:

These Web based software modules integrate with each other, providing unique workflows that facilitate project life cycle management.

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Following is an overview of how these modules operate within each phase of the typical life cycle of a project:


Within Project Tracker.Net, a new project is configured in a project definition document including key dates, the project Work Breakdown structure and milestones, team members and perhaps most importantly, the budget.  After the budget has been set, it can be baselined for future reference, if the project’s active budget is changed.

After the project has been configured, it can be submitted for approval. Designated approvers receive an email outlining the project’s key information and budget, and can sign-off on the project from the email by clicking a link.


Once the project enters the execution phase of its life cycle, TrackerSuite.Net serves as an online, virtual office for the project, a central location where team members can access project information including project related documents and files (protected with functions for check-in/check-out and version control), update their task progress and more.

TrackerSuite.Net leverages email for the automation of project routines, including notifications of task assignments and schedule changes, as well as reminders for status reports and “Auto Nag” emails for late timesheets. These reminders include links that put a recipient one click away from his or her  responsibility.

Resource managers can utilize resource availability views to track the assignments and workloads of employees. For a closer look at an employee’s activities, the resource manager can open that employee’s current timesheet for review, as a sort of weekly status report.  Time Tracker.Net integrates tightly with Project Tracker.Net, allowing users to charge time against projects and tasks configured in Project Tracker.Net using pick-list forms on their Web timesheets. This integration not only simplifies the creation of timesheets, but also provides a very clear picture of how time is being spent.

Through the execution phase of the project life cycle, managers and executives can utilize dashboard views of project health, milestones, financial planning and more to track the progress of both individual projects and entire portfolios.


Although a project may be completed, more work remains, in terms of the immediate maintenance phase. Using Support Tracker.Net, organizations can simplify the support request process for end-users with easy to use support ticket forms, as well as improve responsiveness through the automated routing of tickets according to Service Level Agreements.

In addition, the integration of Support Tracker.Net and Project Tracker.Net allows tickets to be converted into projects or tasks. For example, if an issue is reported during a product roll-out that is identified as a possible enhancement, it can be deferred into a task for the next product project.

As well as support, the project wrap-up also focuses on the project performance, costs versus value and more. Utilizing the Tracker Data Warehouse, a Web based reporting engine that receives data pushed from the various TrackerSuite.Net modules, organizations can easily review and drill down on the performance and value of project portfolios and the projects within them.

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Other ways to leverage TrackerSuite.Net include:


Defining a project's key information.

Compile Key Project Information in the Definition Document

Project approval request via email

Automate the Project Approval Process

Central project home pages

A Cenral, Online Project Office

Integrated project and support processes.

Track Progress with Color Coded Milestone Grids

Integrated project and support processes.

Convert Support Tickets into Project Tasks