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A Web Based Punch Clock System

Time Tracker.Net offers a wide array of Web timesheets, including a Time In / Time Out format for organizations seeking a Web Based punch clock system.

Time Tracker.Net is a comprehensive Web timesheet system that simplifies, streamlines and secures the time reporting process of organizations. It offers an array of different timesheet formats, including Time In / Time Out, which can serve as a Web based punch clock system for organizations seeking such a solution.

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As a Web based punch clock system, Time Tracker.Net offers organizations several advantages:

Simplifying Time Card Creation and Submission
Using Time Tracker.Net, users can punch in / punch out from any location through their Web browser, or even within their email client. These Web based time cards are linked to project and support databases, allowing users to select projects, tasks or help desk tickets to charge time to. Users can also punch in / punch out time assigned to vacation or sick leave. Once the time card is completely filled out, the user can click a button to submit to for approval.
Automated Approval Routing for Time Cards
Once the time card is submitted, it is automatically routed through the approval process. Time Tracker.Net can be configured to send submitted time cards for approval through email. As the time cards are reviewed and approved, time and date stamped electronic signatures are logged with the time card, creating a trail of responsibility.
Improved Visibility of the Time Reporting Process
Time Tracker.Net provides dashboards, reports and views that provide managers and administrators visibility into the time reporting process of the organization, including employee compliance with reporting through the Web based punch clock system, time pie graphs and more. In addition to visibility, the Web based punch clock system provided by Time Tracker.Net also provides organizations with controls over their time reporting process, including rules and validation requirements for time card submission, including minimum/maximum hours worked, expected hours, and rules regarding multiple time cards.

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Time In / Time Out time card format for use in a Web based punch clock system

Using Time In / Time Out format time cards, organizations can establish a Web based punch clock system

Time reporting compliance report

Track employee compliance with time reporting

Time pie report

Generate reports on employee time