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Business intelligence software that offers comprehensive data collection and analysis, as well as integration with Crystal Reports.

The Tracker Data Warehouse is a Web based reporting and business intelligence software solution that utilizes SQL Server as a back-end data store. It provides users with simple, fast access to the bottom line of their business efforts and management, with over 40 report templates including:

Users can also save customized reports, as well as create new reports with a report editor.

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Consolidating Business Intelligence

Time Pie report

Project Time Pie

Develop Business Intelligence on Every Aspect of the Enterprise

The Tracker Data Warehouse receives data from the various TrackerSuite.Net modules as well as legacy Accounting and HR databases and distills it into a wide array of Web based reports for Projects, IT and HR. These reports can be manipulated with filters, pivot tables and drag and drop fields, allowing users to quickly drill down to the bottom line.

Single Point Access to Business Intelligence

The Tracker Data Warehouse also simplifies the communication and sharing of business intelligence. It integrates with Crystal Reports, providing organizations a simple, one-stop location for their business intelligence needs. Its Web based reports can be exported to Excel or printed directly from the browser. Crystal Reports can be exported to Word or PDF format as well.

Through all-inclusive data collection, comprehensive reports which can be configured in increasing levels of detail, integration with Crystal Reports and simplified intelligence sharing, the Tracker Data Warehouse serves as a single point of access to business intelligence on every aspect of the enterprise.

The Tracker Data Warehouse Features

Powerful Reporting Features

  • Configure reports with filters, pivot tables and drag-and-drop fields, then export to Excel. The Tracker Data Warehouse makes it easy to drill-down to the bottom line and share business intelligence.
    • Configured report settings can be saved for later use in a "My Reports" section.
    • New reports can also be created with a report editor.
  • Integration with Crystal Reports.
  • Stay on top of the enterprise with a configurable live ticker ribbon, which scrolls current trends in projects, tasks, resources and more.
  • Project dashboard reports provide managers and executives a filterable overview of projects with configurable, color coded warning flags.
  • Utilize project portfolio and earned value reports to track project values and maintain a healthy portfolio.

Standard Reports

  • Head count report and trends
  • New/Completed/Pending Projects
  • Resource Assignment
  • Gantt Charts
  • Allocation by Position
  • Lists:
    • Projects
    • Purchases
    • Employees
    • Assets
  • On Time Project Delivery
  • Time Pies
  • Time Card Report
  • Project Profitability
  • Activity Ledger
  • Billable Hours and Dollars by Employee
  • Billable Hours and Dollars by Customer
  • Customer Billing
  • Budget versus Actual

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