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Web Based Resource Management Software

Web based resource management software applications provided by TrackerSuite.Net simplify personnel management and automate HR routines.

TrackerSuite.Net provides organizations with a suite of integrated, Web based business software applications that simplify, streamline and automate the management of key business processes, including Projects, IT, CRM and Resource Management.

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Through its online project management and personnel management software solutions, Project Tracker.Net and Personnel Tracker.Net, TrackerSuite.Net facilitates resource management in several ways.

A Central, Comprehensive Employee Database

TrackerSuite.Net provides an employee directory that can be accessed from any location via Web browser, or even within an email client.

  • HR personnel can tap into a organization-wide, searchable employee directory with comprehensive personnel files that include pictures, skills, training and contact information.
  • Personnel Tracker.Net can synchronize with Active Directory software. Persons added to Active Directory are also added to Personnel Tracker.Net, including important data such as "Reports To", "Phone Number" and "Department".
  • Administrators can leverage views within the software that allow them to review all employee files in the system, as well as update multiple files simultaneously, such as updates for leave accrual or carryover, employee location or manager assignments.

Web Based Resource Management Reports

Through Project Tracker.Net, as well as the Tracker DataWarehouse, a Web based reporting engine, users can access up-to-date reports on resources across the organization using these software solutions..

  • Using resource availability views, managers can easily review employee workloads at a weekly or monthly level, and drill down to view tasks.
  • Managers can also generate reports including Employee Lists, Headcounts and Allocation vs. Actual.

Streamlining and Automating HR Processes

TrackerSuite.Net software automates routine HR processes, including vacation scheduling and employee roll-on.

  • Personnel Tracker.Net provides tools for vacation and absence requests and tracking. These are posted, color coded by status, to an organizational calendar which also includes company holidays.
  • Personnel Tracker.Net automates employee roll-on by sending a "Welcome" email to new employees, which introduces them to TrackerSuite.Net and includes their user name and password, as well as any introductory message or guidelines the organization chooses to configure.


Searchable personnel directory

An Employee Directory Accessible via the Web or Email

Central, online employee files

Comprehensive, Online Employee Files

Tracking resource workloads and availability

Track Resources and Workloads

Vacationr request form

Simplify and Automate HR Processes Including Vacation Requests and Scheduling