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Web Timesheets Simplify Reporting

Web timesheets provided through Time Tracker.Net offer organizations a robust, comprehensive time reporting system.

Time Tracker.Net offers Web timesheets that are easy to use, that improve the time reporting and tracking process from start to finish, by simplifying reporting for users, automating approval routing, and simplifying the tracking and management processes. Time Tracker.Net facilitates the tracking and measurement of time spent on projects and support issues across the organization, and its automated calculation of staff hours expedites payroll, invoicing and activity reporting. Time Tracker.Net integrates with accounting systems.

Using this software application, Web timesheets can be tracked and managed from any location by users via a browser or email client, through an intuitive "In" and "Out" box system. On creation, they automatically display leave and holidays. Using pick lists, users can charge time against projects, tasks and activities selected on an individual, group, department or organization wide basis, and they can even filter task selection to those tasks actually assigned to them. These forms also offer a WBS tree view for selecting tasks to charge time against.

Time Tracker.Net supports multiple formats for Web timesheets, including Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Semi-Monthly reporting. Time Tracker.Net can also be configured to present an even simpler "Time In/Time Out" format, where the user simply enters the time they started working on a project or task, and when they finished.

Automate and Streamline Workflow

Submitted Web timesheets are automatically routed through the approval process for review and approval. All activity, from creation to final processing is recorded in an activity log, creating a trail of responsibility with electronic signatures. These two features ensure that all Web timesheets that reach Accounting have been properly reviewed and legitimately approved.

Managers can review color-coded compliance views for Web timesheets to monitor the status of timesheets in the system. Administrators can also leverage Web timesheet dashboards for at-a-glance review and approval of multiple timesheets in the system.

Web time reporting process

Time Reporting Process using Web Timesheets

Simplify time reporting

Simplified Time Reporting

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Simplify the User Experience

TrackerSuite.Net integrates with email systems including Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and even Web email services such as Gmail, to simplify and automate time reporting with features including the ability to serve Web timesheets within email clients, as well as generate automatic email reminders for late timesheets. Time Tracker.Net can also be configured to send submitted timesheets via email for approval.

Web timesheets can still be edited and updated after processing by administrators with an Open for Edit function that maintains snapshots of previous versions.

Time Tracker also offers configurable rules as well as templates and validation profiles, with the ability to template pre-existing time sheets based on department profiles, configurable rows and columns, and rules for individuals, such as minimum/maximum hours worked and valid project codes. Time Tracker.Net offers an array of optional columns on its Web timesheets, including Billable, Activity, Requester and Estimate Time to Completion, as well as re-namable and custom columns.

Organizations looking for a complete time and expense system may consider a combined deployment of Time Tracker.Net with Expense Tracker.Net and Invoice Tracker.Net. Time Tracker.Net can also serve as part of a Paperless Accounts Payable system in tandem with Purchase Tracker.Net, Expense Tracker.Net and Payment Tracker.Net.


  • Time cards which users can submit from any location over the Web, or even within their email client.
  • Time cards can be quickly filled out using picklists, which allow users to select projects from lists based on the individual, group, department or the entire organization.
  • "Last Saved Timesheet" button allows users to create a new timesheet based on the previous one.
  • Automatic routing of submitted timesheets to designated approvers.
  • Electronic signatures record all time card activity: creation, edits and approvals.
  • Integrates with accounting systems.
  • Automatic calculation of staff hours expedites payroll, invoice and activity reporting.
  • Simple In/Out Box interface for managing time cards.
  • Multiple time card formats:
    • Daily / Daily with time in, time out.
    • Weekly / Weekly with time in, time out.
    • Bi-Weekly.
    • Monthly.
    • Semi-Monthly.
  • Web time card templates and validation profiles for each individual ensure that time is being filled out correctly.
    • Includes the ability to template Web based timesheets on pre-established department profiles.
    • Rules for individuals may be established, including maximum/minimum work hours and valid project codes.
  • Configurable columns, formats and messaging.

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