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Web Based Collaboration Software

A Web based collaboration software solution, TrackerSuite.Net empowers your workforce by providing a central, online space for working together on projects and IT services.

TrackerSuite.Net is a Web based, modular application suite that integrates with leading email platforms, including Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and Web based services including Gmail. TrackerSuite.Net provides a virtual office portal users can access via their Web browser or surface within their email client, merging the speed and flexibility of Web based applications with the collaborative power of email.

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TrackerSuite.Net puts project and IT teams and their managers 1 click away from the data they need and the processes they participate in every day, simplifying workflow and improving productivity.

Collaborative Workspaces

TrackerSuite.Net acts as a central hub from which team members can collaborate on projects and help desk services, check dates, update tasks, report status and access documents.

Improved Communication

TrackerSuite.Net leverages email to enhance communication among project teams, including automated notifications and reminders, functions that allow managers to focus on leading their projects rather than micro-managing their team.

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For more information about TrackerSuite.Net and its Web based collaboration capabilities, please contact Automation Centre today at (520) 882-9287, or email

Automation Centre is also pleased to offer a free demo of TrackerSuite.Net, which includes its applications for project management, time and expense reporting, purchasing, payment requests, personnel management, support services and more. Interested parties may register for immediate access to an evaluation site to make a hands-on evaluation of TrackerSuite.Net for their needs.

Review project home pages in email

Collaborative  Workspaces in Email

Collaborate on project documents in email

Centralized Project Document Management

Create and submit timesheets in email

Create and Submit Timesheets in Email