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Web Based CRM Software

Web based CRM software simplifies the management of customer files, contact activity, opportunities and contracts.

Customer Tracker.Net is a Web based CRM software solution that simplifies and automates customer services.

As well as providing an online customer file system and tools for contract management and activity scheduling, Customer Tracker.Net also facilitates the management of customer projects and help desk services through its integration with Project Tracker.Net and Support Tracker.Net. This integration not only simplifies the billing and invoicing of customer projects and support issues, but also provides a Web based customer portal, where designated customer contacts may log in to submit project requests and support tickets, and review the status of the work being done for them.

The CRM Process

Managing Customer Relationships

Centralized Customer Information

Customer Tracker.Net serves as a central database of customer information, accessible via the Web or email. It simplifies the work of administrators, providing a central customer directory, with comprehensive customer files.

A Web based customer portal.

Customer Tracker.Net simplifies CRM with a Customer Web Portal that allows designated customer contacts to submit project requests and support tickets, and track their status.

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Customer Tracker.Net stores all materials relating to the customer, as well as providing key CRM functions. Using Customer Tracker.Net, organizations can:

Through its integration with other TrackerSuite.Net modules, including the Tracker Data Warehouse, it also helps generate business intelligence, including Customer Billing Reports.

Customer Tracker.Net Features

Simplify Customer File Management

  • Searchable customer directory, filterable by industry, customer status and manager.
  • Detailed customer files, with information on billing, responsible managers, contacts and customer projects.
  • Manage customer contacts.
  • Integrates with other TrackerSuite.Net modules to facilitate customer projects, billing and reporting:
    • Project Tracker.Net.
    • Time Tracker.Net.
    • Expense Tracker.Net.
    • Purchase Tracker.Net.

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