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Expense Reporting Software

Expense reporting software simplifies, streamlines and secures project and travel related expense reporting.

Expense Tracker.Net is a Web based expense reporting software solution that streamlines the expense and billing process. Expense Tracker.Net simplifies expense report creation, automates approval routing and secures processing.

Users can submit Web based expense reports at any time, from any location either through the Web or through their email client. Expense report creation is simple. Using pick lists, users can charge project or travel expenses by line item. Expense Tracker.Net supports multiple currencies and conversion rates, making it an ideal expense tracking solution for organizations with global offices or an internationally mobile workforce. As well as simplifying the reporting of project and travel related expenses, it also supports the billing of expenses back to customers or internal cost centers.

Streamline and Secure Expense Report Approval and Processing

Expense Tracker.Net simplifies expense management with a role-based user interface and easy to use, intuitive In" and Out boxes. Submitted Web expense reports are automatically routed through the approval process for review and approval, based on predetermined roles, approval cycles, and spending limits. Expense Tracker.Net integrates with email platforms, including Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes, allowing reports to be emailed directly to approvers for swift review.

Web based Expense Reporting and Tracking  Process

The Expense Reporting Process

All actions from creation to final processing are recorded with electronic signatures in an activity log, creating a trail of responsibility. These features ensure that all expense reports that reach Accounting have been properly reviewed and legitimately approved.

Web based expense report

Submit Expense Reports Over the Web

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Simplify Management

As well as streamlining and securing expense reporting, Expense Tracker.Net simplifies tracking. Through automatic reporting it allows real-time data viewing by employee, project, customer, cost center or period. Receipts and billing information are attached to the expense report throughout the approval process. Expense Tracker.Net also generates detailed billing slips, suitable for mailing. It also provides up-to-date Accounts Payable lists, simplifying the work of Accounting, as well as providing dashboard views for administrators.

Integration with Projects, CRM and Reporting

Expense Tracker.Net integrates with other TrackerSuite.Net modules, including Project Tracker.Net, Customer Tracker.Net and the Tracker Data Warehouse. In conjunction with Project Tracker.Net, Expense Tracker.Net simplifies project expense reporting and improves billing accuracy. For expenses charged against customers, billing information is imported from Customer Tracker.Net. Through the Tracker Data Warehouse, a Web reporting engine, Expense Tracker.Net generates an array of reports on expenses, including Activity Ledgers and Expense Pies.

For organizations looking for a comprehensive time, expense and invoicing solution, TrackerSuite.Net also includes Time Tracker.Net, a Web timesheet and Invoice Tracker.Net for invoice preparation. Expense Tracker.Net can also serve as part of a Paperless Accounts Payable system in conjunction with Time Tracker.Net, Purchase Tracker.Net and Payment Tracker.Net.

Expense Tracker.Net Features

Simplify Workflow

  • Easy to use Web based forms may be composed for oneself or by an approved delegate. Items can be reported as billable or non-billable.
  • Expense reports include multiple currency and rate conversion support.
  • In/Out Boxes allow users to easily track their reports as they move through the approval process.
  • Includes support for bill back of expenses to customers or internal cost centers. Integration with Customer Tracker.Net simplifies billing by automatically importing customer information into the form.
  • Integrates with leading email platforms, including Microsoft® Outlook and Lotus Notes®.
    • As well as managing approvals within Expense Tracker.Net, submitted expense reports can also be emailed directly to approvers, who can review and approve it without ever leaving their email.
    • Users can access Expense Tracker.Net through their email client, without having to juggle windows or click through menus.

Secure Approvals and Processing

  • Secure, automatic routing is based upon the predetermined roles, approval cycles and spending limits defined in Personnel Tracker.
  • Includes up-to-date accounts payable lists.
  • Real-time data viewing by employee, project, customer, cost center or period.
  • Receipts and billing information are attached to the expense report throughout the approval process.
  • TrackerSuite.Net generates detailed billing slips, suitable for mailing.

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