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Personnel management software improves organizational communication and eases the workload of HR.

Personnel Tracker.Net is a Web based personnel management solution that eases the workload of HR departments by automating processes such as employee vacation tracking, simplifying employee tracking and securing crucial HR data. Personnel Tracker.Net can synchronize data with Active Directory, persons added to Active Directory are also added to Personnel Tracker.Net, including important data such as "Reports To", "Phone Number" and "Department".

Personnel Tracker.Net is accessible to all employees through the Web or through their email client. A role-based UI simplifies the user experience and secures access to personnel data. General users can utilize Personnel Tracker.Net as a searchable, organization-wide employee directory to look up phone numbers and office locations, without leaving their email, as well as view color coded company calendars that list vacations by status and company holidays, and submit vacation and change requests.

HR managers and administrators have greater access to Personnel Tracker.Net. They can review online employee files and their attachments (resumes, performance reviews, etc.), search for personnel by skills, view home addresses, manage leave accrual, work status and salary information, as well as manage personnel with utility views that allow them to update multiple employee files simultaneously, such as updates for leave accrual or carryover, employee location, managers, or what options are available to them in the TrackerSuite.Net applications they utilize.

Employee relationship management process

Employee Relationship Management

Employee Files

Online Employee Files

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The integration of Personnel Tracker.Net with email allows vacation and change requests to be delivered directly to designated approvers within their preferred email client. These designated personnel can review and approve the request within the email, greatly streamlining the approval process.

Personnel Tracker.Net also automates the employee roll-on process. A new hire receives a "Welcome" email that includes his or her user name and password.

As well as personnel management and tracking tools, Personnel Tracker.Net provides HR business intelligence and reports. It includes functions for org chart generation, and pushes data to the Tracker Data Warehouse, a Web based reporting engine, which generates a wide array of reports including Headcounts, Employee Lists, Allocation vs. Actual and EEOC reports.

Personnel Tracker.Net is a base component of TrackerSuite.Net, and integrates with the other modules including:

An employee's role in these various applications, and other TrackerSuite.Net modules, is set in their personal profile, which dictates the user interface and tools they may use. Personal profiles also contain the approval routing configurations for timesheets, expense reports and purchase orders, as well as spending limits and timesheet validation profiles.


  • An organization-wide, searchable employee catalog including pictures, skills, training, and contact information.
  • A Web-accessible employee directory.
  • An organizational calendar with at-a-glance, color-coded views of personnel vacation and absence requests by status, as well as company holidays.
  • Centralized security and workflow based on employee type and role.
  • Comprehensive, online employee files.
  • Integrates with Active Directory.
  • Simplifies new employee introductions to TrackerSuite.Net with a "Welcome" email.
  • Utility views for administrators allow them to review all employee files in the system, as well as update multiple files simultaneously.
  • Employee self-service access:
    • Address changes.
    • Vacation availability and request, with email integration that streamlines approval and processing.
    • Request benefit change.
    • Review of time off.
  • Integrates with the Tracker Data Warehouse to generate reports including headcounts, employee lists, EEOC reports, salary and management reporting structure.
  • Integrates with Time Tracker.Net, Expense Tracker.Net and Purchase Tracker.Net to streamline and secure processing of timesheets, expense reports and purchase orders.

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