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Online Project Management

Project Tracker.Net simplifies project and portfolio management for organizations.

Using Project Tracker.Net, organizations can manage projects online, track their project portfolios and manage project programs, through Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox. Project Tracker.Net helps organizations deliver projects on-time, on-budget by simplifying workflow and providing tools for organizational and individual planning, scheduling, on-line documentation and process implementation. Project Tracker.Net integrates with Microsoft Project, supporting the import and export of Microsoft Project files, allowing organizations to painlessly transition between workflows without re-entering data.

Launch, Manage and Track Projects Online

Project Tracker.Net is a comprehensive project management system. It includes a project request and approval engine, with approval workflows based on project type and budget. Within a project definition document, budgets, milestones and Work Breakdown Structure are outlined. Project Tracker.Net simplifies team creation with views of resource availability at the Week or Month level, with the ability to drill down on resources.

Once the initiative is underway, the team can access a central project homepage to collaborate and report from any location. Project Tracker.Net supports localization of projects, including dates and numbers. These home pages provide a central location for project documents, status reports, tasks and more. Project documents are protected with functions for check-in/check-out, versioning and approval workflow. Project Tracker.Net also provides a function for document templates.

Potential project risks can be profiled, with calculations of risk probability and impact. Resources can be assigned to risks to mitigate them. As the initiative proceeds, project stakeholders can monitor the status of risks, and leadership can utilize risk dashboards to assess the health of project portfolios.

Managers can review the progress and status of projects at a glance with configurable Next Generation views, including color-coded project dashboards, as well as utilize reports including milestone grids, Gantt charts, Planned vs. Actual and Earned Value for All Projects.


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The Online Project Management Process

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Project Tracker.Net simplifies task management, with support for task linking and indenting, as well as the creation of sub-tasks. Tasks can be assigned account codes, which can be leveraged to facilitate project financial management as well as SOP 98-1 and R&D tax credit capture. Managers can use configurable task dashboards and calendars to quickly review task workloads on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, and project staff can easily update task progress and charge time for their work using task status notes.

Simplify Workflow, Project Billing & Reporting

Project Tracker.Net integrates with major email platforms, including Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook, automating routines such as task assignment notifications and reminders for late status reports. Administrators can configure Project Tracker.Net to email overviews of submitted project status reports. Project Tracker.Net also provides the ability to export project status reports as PowerPoint presentations for meetings.

Project Tracker.Net integrates with other TrackerSuite.Net modules to facilitate other processes, including resource assignment and billing.

  • Project Tracker.Net integrates with Support Tracker.Net, allowing users to create tickets for projects within the project itself.
  • With Personnel Tracker.Net, it facilitates communication, team development and resource management.
  • Customer Tracker.Net simplifies tracking of customer projects and contact management.
  • In conjunction with Time Tracker.Net, Expense Tracker.Net and Purchase Tracker.Net it links billables by line-item to projects, tasks and customer codes, improving project job costing as well as streamlining and securing these processes with features such as automated approval routing and electronic signatures.
  • Project Tracker.Net pushes data to the Tracker Data Warehouse, a Web based reporting engine, which generates reports that managers and executives can leverage for important decisions, including Budget vs. Actual, Project Trends, Project Portfolios, Earned Value and more. Project Tracker.Net can also push data to Crystal Reports.

Project Tracker Features

Streamline Project Workflow

  • Role based configuration and security create the best user experience for Program Managers, Project Managers, Resource Managers, Project Accountants and team members.
  • Manage projects online with individual project Web sites that centralize project information.
  • Simple, Web based task management, including task calendars.
  • Integrates with email, allowing users to participate in projects without leaving their email client.
  • Rich Web 2.0 look and feel, use fonts, colors and file attachments.
  • Secure project documents with functions for check-in/check-out, versioning and approval workflow.
  • Improve status reporting:
    • Status reports are stored online for easy access.
    • Optional delivery of new status reports via email.
    • Automatic reminders for late status reports.

Launch Projects Faster, Simplify Management and Improve Reporting

  • Create project programs, and structure projects.
    • Define the project.
    • Establish project budget and billing.
    • Set project milestones.
    • Review resource availability and assemble project teams.
  • Track project status and maintain a healthy project portfolio.
    • Manage project portfolios with Web based project dashboards.
    • Track project progress with milestone grids.
    • Review task progress with Gantt Charts.
  • Put project intelligence at your fingertips.
    • Integrates with the Tracker Data Warehouse to deliver pivot table reports and graphs.
    • Crystal Reports.
    • Email reports.
  • Integrates with other TrackerSuite.Net modules.
    • Personnel Tracker.Net - simplifies employee management and team building.
    • Time Tracker.Net and Expense Tracker.Net - report time and expenses against projects over the Web, from any location.
    • Purchase Tracker.Net - streamline and secure project procurement.
    • Customer Tracker.Net - simplifies tracking of customer projects and contact management.

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