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Web Based Purchase Order Software

Purchase Tracker.Net simplifies and secures the procurement process.

Purchase Tracker.Net is a purchase to pay solution that utilizes Web purchase orders to maximize the efficiency and accountability of your purchasing, receiving, and accounts payable departments, as well as facilitate initiatives such as compliance with Sarbanes Oxley. Purchase Tracker.Net can integrate with existing accounting systems.

Simplify Purchase Request Creation and Tracking through the Web or Email

Purchase Tracker.Net handles the requests, recording, and monitoring of company purchases, and can be accessed from any location through the Web, or through an email client such as Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes. Purchase Tracker.Net supports the localization of purchase requests, including dates and numbers.

Users can send in purchase requests and track the status of submitted orders using intuitive "In" and "Out" boxes. Users can add attachments to purchase requests, such as quote comparisons or product descriptions. If the purchase request is similar to one previously submitted, the user can copy the old purchase request into a new one with the click of a button. Purchase Tracker.Net also supports blanket purchase orders.

Purchase Tracker.Net supports multiple currencies and conversion rates, making it an ideal solution for organizations with international offices or projects. Purchase orders can have different "Bill to" and "Ship to" locations. The purchase order form also includes a GL coding section, where the total amount of the purchase request can be divided against multiple account codes. Users can charge GL codes against specific tasks in a project's WBS.

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The Purchase Order Process

Web based purchase order software

Web Purchase Order Forms

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Purchase orders can be sent for review before being submitted. Purchase Tracker.Net also supports the faxing and emailing of purchase orders, as well as their export to Word or PDF.

Streamline and Secure Purchase Order Management and Approvals Over the Web

Submitted purchase orders are automatically routed through the approval process. Purchase Tracker.Net supports unlimited approval workflows, by purchase type, department rules, and spending limits. As the purchase order moves through the approval process, electronic signatures record all edits and approvals. Purchase Tracker.Net can be configured to route purchase orders for approval via email.

Managers can track the status of purchase orders in the system using dashboard views. Accounting personnel can utilize an intuitive In Box/ Out Box interface for managing approved purchase orders. Purchase Tracker.Net also provides an "Aging" column in Accounting views that show how long purchase orders have been in the system.

Purchase orders can still be edited and updated after approval by administrators, with a change request function that includes snapshots of each version of the purchase order.

Purchase Tracker.Net also offers tools that facilitate vendor payment management. Purchase Tracker.Net also integrates with the Tracker Data Warehouse, a Web based reporting engine, to generate reports including Purchase Lists, Requested/ Ordered/ Paid Amount, Open Purchase Order reports, and of purchases submitted, ordered, received and paid for by vendor, requester, department, cost center or project. Through Crystal Reports, Purchase Tracker.Net produces reports including Accounting Details, Purchase Summary, Order Details and Vendor Statements. Purchase Tracker.Net can also serve as part of a Paperless Accounts Payable system in conjunction with Time Tracker.Net, Expense Tracker.Net and Payment Tracker.Net.

Purchase Tracker.Net Features

Web Based Purchase Order Software Simplifies PO Creation, Management and Tracking

  • Submit Web based purchase orders from any location. Attachments can be added to purchase orders.
  • Charge purchases against projects, account codes and cost centers. Purchase Tracker.Net also supports charge backs between business units.
  • Supports the faxing and emailing of purchase orders, as well as their export to Microsoft Word or PDF.
  • Purchase orders can be sent for review before being submitted.
  • Dashboard views simplify purchase order management.
  • In/Out Boxes simplify purchase order workflow for all user roles: General, Manager and Accounting.
  • Activity logs record all purchase order activity from creation to final processing.
  • Supports multiple currencies as well as different "Bill to" / "Ship to" locations.
  • Create blanket purchase orders.
  • Supports custom fields.

Purchasing Software Streamlines and Secures Procurement

  • Integrates with accounting system, and includes vendor payment functionality.
  • A PO reporting function allows users to view the approval and financial status of each request.
  • Unlimited workflow scenarios for purchase order approval routing- by purchase type, department rules and spending limits.
  • Provides separate approval cycles for capital items.
  • Integrates with the Tracker Data Warehouse, a Web based reporting engine that generates a variety of reports including:
    • Reports of purchases submitted, ordered, received and paid for by vendor, requester, department, cost center or project.
    • Reports on Requested/ Committed/ Paid Amount.
    • Purchase Lists.

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