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Cloud Based Time and Billing Software

Cloud based applications provided by TrackerSuite.Net simplify and streamline the Time and Billing process.

The integrated nature of the Cloud based applications provided by TrackerSuite.Net, as well as its comprehensive reporting capabilities allow organizations to configure solutions to suit their needs, including Time and Billing, automating Accounts Payable, Project Portfolio Management and more.

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For organizations seeking a Cloud based solution to automate the processes of project management, time and expense reporting, the following applications may be utilized:

Project Tracker.Net

Project Tracker.Net is a Cloud based project management system. In defining the project's budget, time and expenses may be marked as billable, and a billing rate may also be set.

In addition, tasks may be charged against specific account codes for greater accuracy in accounting. This feature can also be utilized for separating capital and non-capital time for SOP 98-1, or for identifying qualified R&D time for claiming Research Tax Credits.

Time Tracker.Net

Time Tracker.Net is a Cloud based time reporting system which allows users to charge time as billable or non-billable. Using Web timesheets, the user selects a project and a corresponding task to charge time against.

If the project's time is marked as billable in the project budget, the "Billable" checkbox column in the timesheet is marked accordingly. If the nature of the organization's work requires some flexibility in charging time as billable, this checkbox can be made editable from the timesheet.

A "Total Billable Hours" column shows the total hours in the timesheet which are considered billable. Upon submission, the timesheet is automatically routed through the approval process, streamlining processing and billing.

Expense Tracker.Net

Expense Tracker.Net allows users to create and submit expense reports via the Cloud from any location, with support for localization and multiple currencies. Like timesheets, submitted expense reports are automatically routed through the approval process, streamlining the time and billing process.

Invoice Tracker.Net

Invoice Tracker.Net simplifies the time and billing process with invoice templates, tools and reports. It is structured for ease of use with billing prep, billing review, and waiting for payment work areas. It offers views to see budgeted and billed amounts by customer, project and project manager, including invoice lists and invoice forecasts.

The Tracker Data Warehouse

A Cloud based reporting and business intelligence engine, the Tracker Data Warehouse provides users with simple, fast access to the bottom line of their time and billing, with reports including Customer Billing, Time Pies and Billable Hours and Dollars by Employee. Users can also save customized reports, as well as create new reports with a report editor.

Customer Tracker.Net

Customer Tracker.Net is a Cloud based CRM software solution that facilitates customer services. It serves as a customer information store for the other TrackerSuite.Net modules, eliminating the need to manually enter customer information already available and greatly simplifying customer billing.

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Set project budgets and billing.

Set Project Budgets and Billing

Charge billable time with Web timesheets.

Charge Billable Time with Web Timesheets

Exporting an invoice to Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word

Automate Invoice Preparation

Generate reports on customer billing.

Customer Billing Reports