Tracker Suite

Powerful, Intuitive, Audit Management and Compliance Solution with options for Capturing Time & Expenses against Audits and Invoicing in a Highly Responsive Application Framework


Automation Centre offers integrated software solutions designed to automate key business processes including Project & Audit Management, Resource Planning, Engagement Tracking, Agency & CPA Relationships, Time and Billing, Expense Tracking, Documentation & Work Papers, and a comprehensive Business Intelligence Engine.  Tracker Suite is available as an On-Premise or Hosted Cloud solution.

Tracker Suite Software is 100% Web-based, Compatible with all major Browsers, Intuitive and Scalable with a Powerful and Highly Configurable Workflow Engine.

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Project Tracker simplifies your Project and Audit Management process.

·         Comprehensive Audit Management Solution with at a Glance Views of Audit Status & Dates of Key Events

·         Drill Down into Detailed Audit Information including a Configurable Audit Workspace

·         Central Repository for Audit Artifacts: Tasks, Documents, Correspondence, Issues, Risks and Reports

·         Integrate and Coordinate Audit Activities

·         Complete Resource Scheduling and Task Management, including Gantt Charts, Visual Tools including an Audit and Task Scheduler

·         Resource Utilization and Availability Reports

·         Budgeting and Financial Planning


Engagement Tracker Manages CPA and Internal Staff Engagements.

·         Track Activities and Report Status

·         Support for Bulk Engagement & Activity Creation

·         Support for Enforcement Letters

·         Customizable Push of a Button Searches of Who has an Audit? Who is scheduled for an Audit? Who needs an Audit?

Customer Tracker serves as a searchable database for Agency and Contact information.

·         Expandable Folder View of Agencies, Contacts, Audits, Engagements, Documents & More

·         Track Past and Upcoming Agency Activities

·         Manage a History of Audits, Correspondence, Documentation, and Working Papers

Vendor (CPA) Tracker serves as a searchable database for CPA Firms and Contact information.

·         Expandable Folder View of CPA Firms, Contacts and Associated Engagements & Activities

·         Track Past and Upcoming CPA Firm Activities

·         Direct Link to Associated Engagements

Purchase Tracker is a complete purchase to pay solution, and can be used with Project Tracker to manage capital budgets.

·         Utilizes Web purchase orders to maximize the efficiency and accountability of your purchasing, receiving, and accounts payable departments

·         Purchase Request and Change Order Process with a powerful workflow engine; Manages Receiving and Vendor Payment Processes

·         Requests for Quotation for Vendors

·         Complete Vendor Management and Purchasing folders with all history and information related to purchase orders and vendors



Payment Tracker is an easy to use check request application.

·         Supports multiple check request workflows, including those based on the amount of the request

·         Submitted requests are smart routed through the approval process

·         Highly configurable, and can be customized to wrap around an organization's particular request-to-pay process




Tracker Suite Integration Features:

·         Integrated with leading email platforms including Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, and Web Email such as Gmail.

·         Ability to integrate Tracker Suite with existing Accounting and other legacy systems, such as Oracle and SAP.

·         Integration with Active Directory, SAML and other SSO solutions.

·         Integration with popular software such as Quickbooks Online and





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Tracker Suite products are available as integrated applications, allowing organizations to select certain applications to complement existing applications or it can be utilized as a comprehensive solution putting everything into one box. Automation Centre also provides Data Migration and Integration Services to interface with existing systems.  

Web Based Workflow and Application Consolidation.

TRACKER SUITE –Web-Based Online Applications


TRACKER SUITEFor MS Outlook –Microsoft Outlook Based Software


TRACKER SUITEFor Lotus Notes – Lotus Notes Based Software

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Time Tracker has been the solution of choice for many organizations.

·         Streamlines the time reporting and tracking process

·         Easy to use, Web timesheets with helpers including auto-nag reminders, ability to template new timesheets from the previous timesheet, optional validation rules

·      Facilitates the tracking and measurement of time spent on audits, agencies, leave and general organizational business units

·      Multiple Timesheet formats, including Weekly, Monthly, Biweekly, and Time-In/Time-Out


Expense Tracker is an expense reporting software solution that streamlines the expense and billing process.

·         Intuitive, Online Expense Report Creation and Tracking

·         Other Helpers Including a Trip & Mileage Wizard

·         Configurable Expense Templates & Validation Rules

·         Support for Complex Per Diem Rules

·         Automates Approval Routing and Secures Processing

Invoice Tracker is a comprehensive; Web based invoicing software solution.

·         Facilitates invoice workflow for Accounts Receivable by integrating Tracker Suite applications for time, expense, project management, and CRM with invoice templates, tools and reports

·         Invoices can be created against audits, expense reports, and activities


Personnel Tracker is a secure Web based personnel management solution that eases the workload for HR.

·         Online Employee Directory & Headcount Management

·         Track Tenure, Continuous Education and Skills

·         Options for Active Directory Synchronization

·         Optional Integrated Vacation Tracker Automates Employee Vacation, Leave and Accrual Tracking

·         Includes a Calendar with Vacation, Leave & Holidays


Support Tracker is a comprehensive Help Desk system.

·         Simplifies ticket creation and submission

·         Integrated with Email Platforms for Mail In Functionality

·         Automates ticket routing based upon your support services matrix

·         Provides tools for managing tickets including automated notifications, reminders, escalations, dashboards, ticket templates and summary views

·         Supports the Change Management Process


Tracker Data Warehouse is a web based business intelligence reporting engine.

·         On Demand Reports of Audit Status & Compliance

·         Report on Time & Expense by Audit and Agency

·         Work in Progress Reports

·         Graphical Business Intelligence Designer, with Bubble & Pie Charts, Bar Graphs and allows Data to be Filtered, Pivoted and Exported to Excel

·         Streamlines Data Mining by gathering information from Tracker Suite Databases and Legacy Sources

·         Includes a Comprehensive Report Writer allowing users to easily create, save and schedule new reports