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Web Based Decision Support Software

Web based decision support software from Automation Centre provides users with a single point of access to business intelligence from across the organization.

TrackerSuite.Net is an integrated suite of Web based business applications that simplify, streamline and automate the key processes that drive organizations, including the management of projects, human resources, IT, time and expense reporting, purchasing and more.

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The data from all of the TrackerSuite.Net modules is pushed to the Tracker Data Warehouse, a Web based decision support engine, providing users with comprehensive business intelligence on all of the key processes that drive the organization, delivered through a single point of access. The reports provided by the Tracker Data Warehouse provide executives and managers a mile-high view of their organization's processes and performance, with the ability to easily drill down to the bottom line. The Tracker Data Warehouse provides rich, meaningful information that supports effective decision making.

TrackerSuite.Net provides critical intelligence for supporting decisions about:

Individual Projects and Project Portfolios

Human Resources

  • Track organizational resources with headcount reports that can be pivoted, sorted and filtered by company, department, division and more.
  • Quickly generate EEOC reports.

IT and Support Services

  • Identify potential support meta-issues with Ticket Pies and Help Desk Trends.
  • Measure help desk performance with Open / Closed / Escalated and Average Closure Time reports on support tickets.

As well as collecting data pushed from the various TrackerSuite.Net modules, the Tracker DataWarehouse also receives data from legacy HR and accounting systems. The Tracker DataWarehouse also includes a report editor, allowing managers and executives to easily create their own custom reports for decision support, with the ability to tap data from all the processes that drive the organization.

By providing organizations with modules that simplify, streamline and automate the key processes that drive business, and providing a single portal that receives data from those modules, as well as legacy data, TrackerSuite.Net serves as a true, Web based decision support software solution.


Project Planning Reports


Configurable Project Portfolio Dashboards


Color Coded Time Pie Graphs