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TrackerSuite.Net as an Executive Information System

TrackerSuite.Net offers a flexible, scalable solution for executives seeking a system to better track costs and measure performance.

Executive information systems (EIS) provide a means of data analysis for measuring performance, tracking costs and optimizing processes. An EIS receives data from multiple sources (cost accounting, customer information, historical data, etc.) to generate reports which executives can use for strategic decision making.

The reporting capabilities of the Tracker Data Warehouse, lends itself naturally for use as an executive information system, allowing decision makers to access both historical and real-time data through ad-hoc queries, within a single portal. Both tabular and graphical reports can be generated, and reconfigured at will with drag-and-drop fields, filters and pivot tables.

The Tracker Data Warehouse integrates with legacy HR and Accounting databases, as well as TrackerSuite.Net modules for Project Portfolio Management, HR, CRM, IT, Time and Billing, as well as with other Business Intelligence (BI) systems including Crystal Reports.

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TrackerSuite.Net Advantages

  • 100% Web based with extremely fast, highly scalable applications.
  • Source code included in licensing.
  • Modular structure allows organizations to select the applications they need to assemble the solution they want.

Why Choose TrackerSuite.Net as an Executive Information System

There are a number of options available for organizations seeking an executive information system, but not all of them meet the criteria for true solution, as TrackerSuite.Net does.

Reporting Capabilities

The Tracker Data Warehouse is not a simple data repository, it includes over 40 report templates for evaluating business performance, including dashboards, earned value reports, cost analysis, resource allocation and more. The Tracker Data Warehouse also includes a report editor, allowing users to create new, custom reports for their needs.

A key element of any executive information system is its ability to generate reports quickly. The Tracker Data Warehouse provides a rapid response time for data queries, allowing users to generate and review comprehensive reports over large timelines within seconds.

Intuitive, Configurable Interface

The Tracker Data Warehouse allows users to rapidly pull up reports by entering query data in fields, then configure those reports with easy-to-use filters and pivot tables. Users can even drag-and-drop fields as needed. Users are not required to know actual query languages or analytical techniques.

Flexibility and Scalability

The Tracker Data Warehouse is simply a reporting engine and is minimally impacted by changes in personnel, services or processes. If new mandates or regulations require the capture of different types of information, the Tracker Data Warehouse can be configured to receive this data when it is pushed from its database.


The Tracker Data Warehouse receives data from various information silos, including legacy databases and TrackerSuite.Net modules, which cross organizational boundaries themselves (including Projects, IT and HR). The Tracker Data Warehouse also integrates with another popular business intelligence solution, Crystal Reports.

In Conclusion

For organizations seeking a comprehensive executive information system, the Tracker Data Warehouse offers several compelling advantages, its sheer reporting capabilities, a configurable interface which enables an unparalleled level of information drill-down, its flexibility and (in tandem with other TrackerSuite.Net modules) its ability to generate reports on almost every aspect of the organization, even across major divisions.

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The project dashboard filter.

Setting Filters for a Project Portfolio Dashboard

A project dashboard report in the Tracker DataWarehouse.

Project Portfolio Dashboard

A Budget vs. Actual report in the Tracker Data Warehouse.

Budget vs. Actual Report