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PMO Software, Simplified

PMO software helped the Donlen Corporation better manage its project portfolio.

Donlen Corporation (a Hertz Company), a vehicle fleet leasing and management company, wanted a new solution for managing its project portfolio. Donlen's existing, internal system was unable to meet its needs.

Donlen reviewed TrackerSuite.Net based upon the recommendation of a senior project manager who had used it previously at another organization. It chose to utilize TrackerSuite.Net as a hosted service, and was very pleased with the ease in which data could be migrated from its existing system into TrackerSuite.Net.

The benefits Donlen experienced with TrackerSuite.Net included:

  • By surfacing TrackerSuite.Net within their Microsoft Outlook email client, team members could collaborate and communicate within a single portal.
  • A project approval request engine that leveraged their Microsoft Outlook email platform. Once a new project was profiled and budgeted in TrackerSuite.Net, it could be submitted for approval. Designated approvers would receive an email with key project data and budget information, which they could review and approve in their email client. Donlen’s time reporting process enjoyed the same automated approval routing, with TrackerSuite.Net.
  • Configurable dashboards and views for tracking their project portfolios.
  • Configurable desktops with widgets ranging from Milestone Health, Project WBS, Status Reports, Time Pies and Resource vs. Available graphs.
  • Improved reporting accuracy. The Web timesheets provided by TrackerSuite.Net allowed users to select project tasks to charge time against, using pick-lists.
  • A central, online repository of project materials and documents, secured with role-based access, project and team level security, as well as versioning and document check-in / check-out functions that protected files against accidental changes.
  • Automated workflow through their Microsoft Outlook email platform. As well as automating approval routing, it also sent “Auto Nag” email reminders for late timesheets and status reports, encouraging the timely submission of these items.

Project home page.

Project teams could surface TrackerSuite.Net in their email client, allowing them to work in a single portal.

Project dashboard

Project dashboards simplified portfolio management for Donlen.

Project request approval.

Email automated and streamlined the project request and approval process.