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Automated Reminders Simplify Timesheet Collection

Time Tracker.Net offers an automated reminder function that improves submission rates and simplifies the timesheet collection process.

Administrators can create their own custom messages for the automated reminders, as well as configure links that put recipients one click away from their responsibility, whether it is completing and submitting an existing Web timesheet, or creating a new one.

These automated reminders simplify the timesheet collection process, saving managers the time of checking for late timesheets and contacting those responsible, allowing them to focus on more productive activities.

In conjunction with Time Tracker.Net's validation profiles, these reminders help to enforce timesheet compliance initiatives, ensuring that as well as regulating timesheet collection, the timesheets themselves are completed in accordance with organizational policy.

Timesheet reminder setup

Configuring the reminder in TrackerSuite.Net

Automated email timesheet reminder in Microsoft Outlook

The automated reminder delivered in Microsoft Outlook

Automated email timesheet reminder in Lotus Notes

The automated reminder delivered in Lotus Notes