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Simplifying Accounts Payable with QuickBooks

TrackerSuite.Net streamlines and secures the workflow of Accounts Payable, and simplifies accounting through its integration with QuickBooks Online.

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TrackerSuite.Net is a modular, integrated suite of Web based modules that can be utilized to automate Accounts Payable. These applications include Purchase Tracker.Net, Payment Tracker.Net, Expense Tracker.Net and the Tracker Data Warehouse. Through its integration with QuickBooks, it simplifies Accounts Payable accounting as well.

The benefits of utilizing TrackerSuite.Net applications to simplify Accounts Payable processes include:

  • Improved efficiencies for Accounts Payable, resulting in lowered costs.
  • Increased transparency of the Accounts Payable process.
  • Simpler compliance with regulatory obligations requiring visibility and financial controls.
  • Improved relationships with vendors through prompt payments.
  • In conjunction with QuickBooks Online, a simplified accounting process that minimizes the potential for errors.

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Streamlining and Securing the Accounts Payable Process

Utilizing TrackerSuite.Net applications, organizations can streamline and secure their Accounts Payable workflow . This is accomplished via:

  • Reduced approval cycles. TrackerSuite.Net automatically routes purchase orders, check requests and expense reports through the approval process, reducing cycles to a matter of minutes.
  • Establishing a "trail of responsibility" for every item with activity logs and electronic signatures that record all form activity.
  • Improved accounting accuracy. Expense can be charged by line item to account codes, while purchase order and check request forms include a General Ledger coding section, where the total amount of the request can be divided against multiple account codes.
  • Integration with QuickBooks. Approved and processed purchase orders, check requests and expense reports can be posted to QuickBooks Online with the click of a button, saving the time (as well as avoiding potential errors) that would be required to re-key the data.

Improving Accounts Payable Visibility

As well as streamlining and securing AP processes, TrackerSuite.Net provides views and reports that simplify Accounts Payable management and provide greater visibility of the entire process.

  • Dashboard views for purchasing, check requests and expense reports provide administrators global displays of the totals and status of all payable items. Once an item is marked "Paid" in QuickBooks, its status in TrackerSuite.Net is updated as well.
  • The Tracker Data Warehouse provides an array of real-time Accounts Payable reports, including Purchase Orders vs. Payments, Purchase Lists and Summaries. An Accounting Details report is also available, providing a comprehensive listing of purchases that can be broken down by Project, Task, Vendor, Requestor or General Ledger Account Code.

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