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Resource Breakdown Structure

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A Resource Breakdown Structure can be established utilizing integrated TrackerSuite.Net solutions for project and resource management.

The advantages that this integration provides includes:

  • Better organization of resources.
  • Improved alignment of resources with organizational initiatives.
  • At-a-glance intelligence on resource allocations and workloads across the organization.
  • Effortless drill-down on individual resources and their assignments.

A Resource Breakdown Structure (or RBS) is a hierarchal structure of human resources, organized by function. For example, the top level of the RBS could be the business unit that resource belongs to, the second-to-last level would be the manager that resource reports to, with the final level being the resource itself.

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TrackerSuite.Net provides an integrated approach to HR and project management which provides a logical RBS in which to work. Using TrackerSuite.Net, organizations can:

  • Profile resources in Personnel Tracker.Net, including the resource's place in the Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS), which can include Business Unit, Division and Department. This OBS is configurable, and can map to almost any organization. The employee file also includes Employee Type, Position, Manager and Supervisor.
  • Project Tracker.Net provides tools for resource availability analysis by month or week. These views can be filtered as needed, and specific resources can be drilled down on.
  • Improve project resource management efficiency, as it is used in conjunction with Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for the planning and control of work.

Reviewing resource availability by week.

Resource Availability by Week

Drilling down on resources.

Drill down on resources