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Web Based Expense Accounting Software

As a Web based expense accounting system, TrackerSuite.Net simplifies the process of expense reporting and approval, as well as tracking and reporting for accounts payable.

For organizations seeking to improve their expense reporting, management and accounting processes, TrackerSuite.Net offers a Web based expense reporting solution, Expense Tracker.Net. This module offers instant deployment with mobile capabilities, rapid adoption with an intuitive user interface, and the flexibility of SaaS and the ability to integrate with other Cloud based services (such as QuickBooks Online) as well as existing systems.

Expense Tracker.Net simplifies the expense accounting process from start to finish, from the creation of expense reports, their review and approval, and final processing by accounts payable.

Simplifying Expense Reporting

Expense Tracker.Net provides a simple user interface with intuitive, easy to use In and Out boxes for storing drafts of expense reports, and checking the status of their submitted expense reports.

Expense Tracker.Net provides simple, online expense report forms which users can quickly populate using drop down menus for selecting expense categories (Airfare, Meals, Lodging, and others) and pay types.  Users can submit expense reports from any location (with support for international currencies) via the Web, or even surface Expense Tracker.Net within their email client.

Streamlining Approval

Expense reports are automatically routed through the approval process. Exceptions, line items for which the category's maximum daily limit have been exceeded are highlighted. Expense Tracker.Net can be configured to deliver the expense report to the designated reviewer via email for approval.  Reviewers can also check and approve submitted expense reports from mobile devices, including BlackBerry smartphones and iPhones.

Automating Accounts Payable

Once the expense report is approved it is sent to Accounts Payable for processing. Expense Tracker.Net also generates Accounts Payable lists, showing all expense reports currently in the system, their place in workflow and their status.

Expense Tracker.Net also simplifies the review of expense reports by Accounts Payable. The categories assigned to each line item in the expense report are tied to account codes, and the totals of each account code are presented in the approved expense report for easy review.

The expense reports provided by Expense Tracker.Net include a complete activity log that establishes an audit trail, documenting the entire lifecycle of the expense report, from creation through processing.

For organizations seeking to fully automate their Accounts Payable department, TrackerSuite.Net also offers solutions for Web based purchase orders and check requests,  Purchase Tracker.Net and Payment Tracker.Net.

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