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Improve Resource Pool Visibility

TrackerSuite.Net provides tools and views that improve resource pool visibility, empowering managers with the ability to drill down on resource availability.

The effective allocation of resources is a top priority for businesses, to ensure that projects and organizational initiatives have the proper resources in order to succeed.

However, the larger the organization, the harder it can be to develop a clear view of the resource assignments and workloads of its workforce, particularly if is spread across multiple locations.

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These difficulties include the delay in generating a comprehensive view of current global resource assignments, which is usually accomplished by compiling spreadsheet reports. The complexity of this task grows with the details required for team or individual resource assignments.

Another issue of resource pool visibility is the ability to drill down to resource capabilities, in order to allocate individuals where they are best suited.

A corollary concern of resource pool management is ensuring that resources are allocated to projects that have value. The benefits of improved resource pool visibility are reduced if it is difficult for organizations to effectively allocate them to valuable or at-risk projects.

TrackerSuite.Net, a modular suite of Web based business applications, improves resource pool visibility and analysis, as well as allocation effectiveness by providing integrated solutions for personnel management, project management system and business intelligence reporting.

In addition, TrackerSuite.Net provides project portfolio management and earned value analysis capabilities that help organizations to assign resources where they are best utilized and most needed.

Improved Resource Pool Visibility

TrackerSuite.Net provides resource pool visibility analysis views through Project Tracker.Net, an online project management system, which managers and executives can leverage for instant reviews of current resource workloads across the organization, at a weekly or monthly level. These views can be filtered by organizational unit, manager and position. From this view, the user is a click away from viewing the assignments of individual resources, and can even drill further into details about the assignments.

These resource views also take into account company holidays, as well as employee leave and scheduled vacations, via the leave request and management functions provided by Personnel Tracker.Net

The Tracker Data Warehouse, a Web based reporting engine, also provides reports on resource allocation and availability. These reports can be configured with filters, pivot tables and drag-and-drop columns, and can be exported to Microsoft Excel. The Tracker Data Warehouse serves as a central point of access to business intelligence for the entire organization. In addition to Allocation by Resource Reports, the Tracker Data Warehouse also generates Headcount Reports, Employee Lists and Employee Capacity Reports.

Improving Resource Visibility

TrackerSuite.Net also makes it easy to drill down into information about individual resources, not just their assignments but also greater details about the resource itself, through Personnel Tracker.Net, a Web based personnel management system. The comprehensive online employee files contained in Personnel Tracker.Net include sections on skill sets and training. As well as serving as a Web based HRIS / HRMS solution, Personnel Tracker.Net also provides a searchable employee contact directory that greatly simplifies internal communication.

Improving Resource Allocation

TrackerSuite.Net provides project portfolio dashboards that illustrate vividly the status and progress of projects, including project warning dashboards that highlight projects in distress, as well as other dashboards on project financials and earned value, which allow managers and executives to more easily identify priority projects and assign resources from the pool more effectively and with greater results.

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As well as resource pool visibility, TrackerSuite.Net also facilitates other organizational initiatives, including:


Views to improve resource pool visibility

Drill Down on Resource Pools by Business Unit, Position and Manager

Drill down on resource assignments

Drill Down on Individual Resource Assignments

Tracking resource workloads and availability

Track Project Resources vs. Available

Project warning dashboards highlight projects that need resources

Review Project Dashboards to Identify Troubled Projects